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How to Make Money in Origami Owl

If you are looking into joining Origami Owl I am sure one of the first questions you have is How to Make Money in Origami Owl?

In Origami Owl you can earn up to 50% commission on every sale.  There are 3 ways to make money with Origami Owl and I am going to tell you how to do it.

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The first way to make money is with your sales from doing jewellery bars and events. Jewellery bars are fun parties you can do anywhere. In peoples homes at a coffee shop or you can do a virtual party. Jewellery bars are all about YOUR CUSTOMER’S stories and what THEY love. You can also do local events at schools, churches, etc. where you can directly sell your inventory, hand out business cards and catalogues. When you do jewellery bars you will enter all the orders in your back office using your customers credit card. After a jewellery bar is completed Origami Owl will pay out your commissions to your Payquicker account.


The second way to make money is with your website. As soon as you sign up with Origami Owl you are given an e-commerce website which you create the name for. For example it would be www.[your name] or .com. You want to make sure that you give this website to all of your friends and family. This is the website that you are going to share on all of your social media accounts as well. Every time someone goes online and makes a purchase on your website Origami Owl deposits the money you earned into your Payquicker account. Remember once you, your friends and your family start wearing the lockets and jewellery other people are going to ask where they got it from. This when you give them your business card or write down your website.

How to make money in Origami Owl

When do you get paid from online orders? – Every Friday

As a Designer with Origami Owl you will have your own Payquicker account and you will receive a credit card that looks just like this one. You can easily load all your commissions onto this card or you can transfer the money into your bank account. I love this card and it also acts as a selling tool. I usually get alot of people asking me “what is Origami Owl” when I use it to pay for things.


The third and final way to make money with Origami Owl is through your team. We call this sharing the love. A lot of Designers actually start off as customers either from online orders or from jewellery bars. SO make sure you are sharing the opportunity any chance you have and make sure you are ASKING people if they want to be part of the opportunity. There are so many people who are sitting at a jewellery bar thinking to themselves “I could do this” or “this looks like a lot of fun” but they are just waiting to be asked. The most important thing here is not to pre-judge anyone.

So for every designer you signup, you are going to earn 6-10% of their PV (Personal Volume). So lets say you sign up your friend Amy and Amy has a PV of $300 you are going to make an additional $18 that month. Now lets say you have 6 people on your team all with 300 PV. That would be an extra $108 in your Payquicker account. You also will earn extra money off the designers that your team members bring in as well.

As you can see when you build a team this unlocks an unlimited income potential.

Join origami Owl How to make money with Origami owl

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