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Lisa Hoffman Collection for Origami Owl

Lisa Hoffman has created an exclusive line of jewellery and fragrances for Origami Owl. Each jewellery design features a Fragrance Pendant to fill with Fragrance Beads.

Each piece of jewellery comes adorned with a filigree charm to fill with our proprietary fragrance beads. Simply unclasp the charm to fill with beads for scent that lasts as long as a month.

Lisa Hoffman Origami Owl Bracelets with Fragrance Pendants

Bracelets with Fragrance Pendants

Beautiful and unique, these genuine gemstone bracelets are perfect for the woman who loves fine jewelry and a beautiful, long-wearing fragrance experience. Fill the attached Fragrance Pendant with Fragrance Beads, Swarovski® Crystals, or both!

Lisa Hoffman Origami Owl Fragrance Pendant Jewellery
Origami Owl Lisa Hoffman Jewellery fragrance pendant

Grab a gift set and get exactly what you need to put together custom scents and looks! You will save more than 10% when you purchase Lisa Hoffman fragrance jewellery as a gift set.

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