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Origami Owl Custom Lockets

Celebrate the Moments of Life

We help you celebrate all the moments in life by creating personal custom lockets and beautiful jewellery pieces. Origami Owl is about more than just sparkly jewellery – it’s about capturing memories and telling stories. Give the gift of love, joy and encouragement in a custom Origami Owl locket.


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You can also earn free jewellery by hosting a jewellery bar or joining Origami Owl.

Create a custom locket with a personalized photo locket, engraved locket or floating charm locket! Origami Owl offers a beautiful variety of customized lockets that will be treasured for years to come.

Origami Owl Lockets are crafted from solid 316 grade Stainless Steel, and all the crystals are genuine Swarovski crystals. We use only nickel and lead free materials in all our Charms, Chains, and Living Lockets.

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