Teacher Appreciation Month & Appreciation Gifts

Teacher appreciation gifts teacher locket origami owl

May is National Teacher Appreciation month. Teachers work hard educating and inspiring the young minds of our children. They are often up late marking homework or tests and prepping for the next day. Show your appreciation for your child’s teacher with a one of a kind living locket from Origami Owl.

Can we all agree that teachers don’t get enough recognition for all that they do?? They deserve the world for teaching the next generation and here’s one way you can recognize them! Place an order this month and you can purchase this exclusive Charm set to gift them in a Living Locket or maybe even a Badge Reel Locket so they can wear it to school!

There are 2 charm packs to choose from:

“You da Bomb” Appreciation Charm Gift Set includes:

A+ Paper Charm – Exclusive!

Bitten Apple Charm – Exclusive!

“You da Bomb” Charm – Exclusive!

“Thank you” Appreciation Charm Gift Set includes:

Reading Glasses Charm – Exclusive!

Orchid Charm – Exclusive!

“Thank you” Charm – Exclusive!

Teacher Appreciation Month Gift Origami owl
Teacher Appreciation Month Gift Origami owl